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Brand Story

"We hope our holistic, herbal supplement

will help women, just like us,

gain control over menopause

and live life to its fullest."

What inspired you to bring traditional herbal supplements to the U.S. market? 

I was born and raised in South Korea, where my father practiced as an acupuncturist and herbalist. My siblings and I grew up familiar with oriental medicine, a tradition of healing dating back to ancient China and rooted in the idea of balance. As children, we often drank herbal teas–known as “boyak” in Korean–preemptively to avoid getting sick during the winters.  

As I grew older and completed my medical training as an oncologist (a physician who treats cancer), I took steps to learn about the medicinal herbs my father had spent his life studying. Over the years, working with cancer patients had led me to realize the profound impact of chronic stress on the body and the importance of preventive health measures. As a woman of science and a believer in the healing power of nature, I decided to develop safe herbal supplements that could help boost weakened immune systems and improve vitality in my patients. 

How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact the origins of MD Nutraceutical?

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in early 2020, I wanted to find a supplement that could strengthen immune defense and reduce risk of infection. Reishi mushrooms came to mind as a plant well known for its immune boosting properties across Asia, including Korea. Searching for Reishi supplements in the market, however, I didn’t know which sources to trust. So I began to brew my own Reishi tea for myself and my family–many of us work in healthcare, and we hoped the tea would prevent us from falling sick.

When did you discover the benefits of drinking Reishi tea?

After a few weeks of drinking Reishi tea, I noticed improvements in my joint pain and heart palpitations that had plagued me for years. At the same time, my sister noted the tea’s positive effects on her longstanding insomnia. For the first time in over a decade, she was able to fall asleep without the help of prescription medications. 

Why did you decide to focus on a tea that would support women's health? 

Together, my sister and I experimented with several other herbs that we hoped would control the hot flushes and night sweats we were both experiencing as recent initiates of the menopause club. We finally found a combination of herbs that eliminated our joint pains, insomnia, hot flushes (hot flashes), night sweats, palpitation and anxiety altogether. For an extra perk, we decided to add an herb known to restore skin tone and fortify hair & bones.

How can consumers trust your product? 

To this day, my sister and I continue to take ReiSHE™ every night. We have also distributed our product to family and friends, who can vouch for its safety and effectiveness.  Please visit our Testimonials page to hear more reviews from consumers. In the future, we hope to establish a clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of our supplement in reducing menopause symptoms in general population as well as in breast cancer survivors.

Where can I get more information on ReiSHE™? 

Please visit our ReiSHE™ page for more information on how its five herbal ingredients were carefully selected and how a Reishi-based supplement could impact your health and life.

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